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hey guys i'm here with another freaking excuse

I need a break
I swear i'm going insane over all this stress

I feel really freaking awful for not wishing some people happy birthday
I didn't forget i'm sorry
this whole week's just been crap
i'm so sorry guys
I need some space right now

if any of you want a refund for anything I haven't finished yet, please do note me

i'm sorry
so hey guys
i'm in a bit of a pickle right now
i'm currently failing 9th grade
not very shocking ha
but i'm really trying to manage my grades and i'm trying to post at the same time
so bear with me, please.
I'm going to attempt to get what I need to get done this weekend, like brush up on maybe a few more cheaper adopt batches, finish up some customs, etc.
but yeah
just wanted you guys to know I guess
for now, i'm just going to upload my "stress doodles"
y'know, just doodles I do whenever I can
it calms me down
i'm sorry
when someone wont text back but iS ONLINE BEING ACTIIVVEE HAHA LOL k
aaa sorry I haven't been on lately

lots of stuff goin on

'ya know
just being sick and having doctors appointments the week before EOC exams

Tobuscus noticed me twice during his stream



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